Ruhanda Lavender Eye Pillow – Buddha


Ruhanda lavender eye pillow is an aromatherapy support with deep relaxation in sessions such as yoga, reiki and meditation. It covers the eyes and provides a comfortable rest while massaging your eyes around the eyes. Gives you time to relax with the relaxing effect of lavender. Often known as the “yoga pillow”, it can be used whenever you want to stay alone in everyday life. It offers a natural solution to insomnia and headache. For a deep and relaxing sleep let yourself to have this unique experience 10 minutes before going to sleep.

The lavender contained in the eye pillows are taken from local producers of Isparta and supported by eco friendly fabric.

In the special design box, the product is sent with an illustrative postcard. Attention, shavasana guarantee 🙂

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Dimensions 10 × 24 cm


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